DJ Fierce ft. Soul – Don’t Speak (1999)

Howdy friends!

In an act of inspired generosity I’ve decided to round up some of my rarest mp3’s aka my collection of edits, bootlegs, white labels and other oddities that rearrange popular music and share them with you the DJing public (hold for applause…) From lost soundcloud edits to expensive white label rips, it’s all gonna be here with a little background where it exists. Buckle in!

First up, we have a booty bass cover of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” as found on Love You Down: Booty Bass Ballads ’99

Despite what a misguided Discogs entry says, this track and the entire compilation were produced by Adam Marano aka DJ Hott aka Shayme aka Nino aka a million other names. He produced (and sang on) dozens of forgettable freestyle, euro house and booty bass releases, mostly on his own Viper 7 Recordings . There are few early freestyle bits worth checking out, especially if you are into that classic out-of-key male vocal. Almost all of the music was recorded in Pennsauken, NJ at a studio called Polygon, where hundreds of freestyle singles were recorded.  There is a surprising history of freestyle coming out of NJ, as the tri-state area probably had the biggest audience for the genre outside of Florida.

“Don’t Speak” fits into a sweet spot heard a lot around this time, somewhere in-between the bounce of booty bass and the saccharine of freestyle with some wonky florida-breaks style acid thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, as is often the case, there is no information on the thoroughly un-googleable vocalist Soul.

Digging through what I like to call the Florida music (regardless of where it was produced) where a typical single would contain an electro mix, a freestyle mix, a hard house mix, a breaks mix and trance mix thrown in for good measure, you’re going to have to commit to listening to hundreds of horrible records to find the diamonds in the rough. The off the cuff, sample heavy nature of the genres led to many producers putting out countless extremely terrible records in a short time. These producers were shameless, thats what makes the music so bad, but much more importantly, thats what makes the music soooo good!

Bonus: Not quite as good but certainly worth having is DJ Fierce’s version of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” off the compilation, the original of course being featured in the 1998’s best love/asteroid-apocalypse story: Armageddon (Deep Impact stans sit down.)

Till’ next time 🙂



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